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Where's the horses?

Most people that know Mike & Kathy know that they bred APHA horses for years.  They still have some horses but use them more for chasing  cattle than anything else.  However, they are no longer breeding paints.  Thanks to everyone that purchased some Thunder Run Ranch horses and for giving them good homes.

Mike has always loved rodeo and bull riding so they bought some cattle to start the Thunder Run Ranch bucking bull business.  Plus, they needed something to eat down the pasture.  

  Thunder Run Ranch Horses

What's their story?

We all have our stories of how we got involved with (hooked on) horses. Below is Kathy and Mike's excuse.

As a teen Kathy worked at a stable in Danville, IL. She did the usual chores of mucking stalls, which she still does her share of, riding colts and taking the "dudes" out for a trail ride. Kathy put a bunch of miles on a bunch of horses. We think that is were she learned to "speak horse", she always seems to know what they are thinking.

Mike grew on a farm outside Catlin, IL and as kids they had their share of ponies. As teenagers they got their first horse, Buck. A wild and woolly buckskin. Mike later purchased his first "paint" or at least he looked like a paint. Duke was a smooth mouthed tobiano with no papers, they were not sure what kind of breeding he had, and didn't care. After all when you are 14 you can't afford the papers. Mike later purchased another horse, now 15 and two horses. Pogo, yes like the stick, was a sorry looking, yet spirited, quarter mare. Mike put some weight and miles on her and she turned out to be a darn good horse.

Kevin, Mike's brother took ownership of Buck and Mike would switch off between Duke and Pogo. These horses were rode constantly, it was not only fun, it was also a means of transportation. Mike and Kevin would ride to a nearby arena, 5 miles one way, then would either trail ride, rope calves, barrel race or try some bull dogging and then ride back home before it got dark. Sometimes not quite making it back before dark. Then do it again the next day.

Mike likes to call Buck, Duke and Pogo "The First Three". Several years have passed since then and Mike has had his share of horse since then, but none of them have ever measured up to The First Three. Those three will always have a special place in their hearts and their loyalty, their friendship, their patience and the lessons they taught will never be forgotten.


the first three

Duke, Pogo, Buck


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